Envelope Liners, Monograms, RSVP's and Letterpress... OH MY!

A couple weeks ago, we posted this to our social media sites (make sure you are following us!) and you all loved the combination of the liners, the monogram, the design of the RSVP and the look of the letterpress. After all of the likes and questions, we figured we would go into some greater detail about all of the different aspects!

Envelope Liners:

Why? Are they really worth it? YES. Liners add a simple, but impactful detail to wedding invitations. It creates a statement that is all your own and really pushes your stationery to the next level.


They are tony and classy and can be the perfect special touch on your wedding invitations. Monograms are classy and timeless... We vote yes!


Check out our blog here about RSVP cards!


It's beautiful! It will make your invitations stand out and when paying for letterpress, you are buying something that is worth your money!

Check out the photos of all of the aspects of the design:

IMG_3850 IMG_3852 IMG_3853 IMG_3854 IMG_3859