Our Story

Sweet Zion officially began in 2010 when owner, Sophie Ulibarri's career path collided with a personal passion: art + design. As her job in non-profit event coordination led her into the occasional design responsibility, her passion for design, paper + entrepreneurship outgrew the hobby title she'd once given it. After much encouragement + prodding from close friends, she closed the door on her corporate job + opened the door to her own small business. Now, Sophie wears many hats - from designer, owner, team leader, computer techie, to the crazy lady in the neighborhood who has tons of recycling each week. The Sweet Zion team has grown from one to five with the inclusion of a certain baby Ben (our very own - very cute- "paper boy"). 

At Sweet Zion, we pride our little shop on our ability to create custom invitations that are carefully tailored to fit a client's identity, event + budget while using the highest quality of products + services. We are in the business of celebrating life's biggest + most memorable milestones equally for all. Our design, printing, + assembly services are done in-house, distinguishing us from other stationery operations.  After 9 years, however, it's become quite clear that we can't take credit for it all. We owe much to our clients - the ones who impress us with their vision + style. It is true joy to come alongside + support the creativity in others. We look forward to creating something beautiful with you too!



Hello! Sophie Here.
I grew up on an acreage outside of Lincoln, Nebraska + am a transplant to the gorgeous state of Colorado via my native husband. While it's pretty amazing to wake up to the Rocky Mountains each morning, Iā€™m very proud of my roots. Growing up in the Midwest gave me stability, a great work ethic, loads of creativity + a general happiness about life. 

Recently, I've loved seeing this resurgance of craftsmanship: letterpress printing, engraving, wax stamping + hand-addressed envelopes. I am relishing this season in which stationery + printing are receiving notable recognition within our industry. Long live snail mail, the power of the pen, the capacity + support of artistry.