Oh the Places You'll Go - Destination Weddings

As if a wedding isn't a rad enough party to attend, imagine spending it on the beach! For you crazy lovebirds who plan destination weddings, I'm sure it is a ton of extra work - especially if you travel to a country where English isn't the predominate language and you're not bilingual. 

My brave brother and sister in law did just last September as they celebrated their nuptials in Turks & Caicos, a place very special to the Bride & her family growing up. The beautiful sands, the warm sunshine, the TURKouise water....the setting was beautiful. The bride, Becca was absolutely gorgeous and my brother Andrew, of course a handsome groom. Together, they are a super fun pair, not to mention stand outs as individuals. 

The stationery for their big day was also really unique. We created a custom passport invitation and then an airline ticket piece as their announcement for those that could not attend. Enjoy these snapshots of the work and of the beautiful wedding. 







Island photo credit to Brovado Weddings (stunning, stunning work)