Post goes postal - enjoying modern times

Emily Post? Wedding etiquette? Our 2013 brides and grooms are throwin' them out the window! Here's how: 1. Monograms In tradition, the monogram was not to be used prior to the marital vows were spoken. Our modern take, monograms galore! The monogram is the best and easiest way to "brand" your wedding. It becomes the calling card for your big day, and also sort of identifies you as a couple. Whether a couple creates a stamp with said logo, an embosser, or uses it on their actual printed materials, monograms can be simple, elaborate, even fun. Monogram Styles

2. Invite Wording Traditionally, wedding invitations should mention the bride's parents and grooms parents - or at least whomever is footing the bill for the occasion. Our modern take, keep it simple. Many times invitation wording can be pretty touchy. For brides with particular mother in laws, or for couples with split families, sometimes grouping everyone together in a statement like "Together with our families" neutralizes the tension and puts everyone on the same playing field and still gives credit where credit is due. However you choose to word your invite, keep it respectful and simply stated so guests know clearly when and where to be.

3. Color Schemes Traditionally, color schemes were very neutral. Black, White, Ivory, Silver - decorations, printed materials, even attire was very low key. Interestingly, this decision may have been fear motivated for if a bride were to choose to have a colored or off white gown, she was considered "impure". Floral selections were traditionally white - and lots of satin and lace. Our modern take, Bright and Bold! Not only are we jazzing up our color schemes using bold jewel tones or bright hues of yellows, oranges, and pinks, our florals are power packed with lots of color, wire or bling accents, and even bejeweled bindings. Brides are even selecting pinks, blues, purple tones for wedding attire - and not just for their attendants. Even the fabric selections have changed from traditional laces and satins to everything from bold prints to burlap. Lazaro Dress available in light pink or the rainbow array.

4. RSVP Devices The Traditional take? Simple - Reply card with a pre-addressed and stamped envelope. Our modern take? Choice is key! Brides are opting for 3 basic options, some of which may have Emily Post rolling in her grave (and possibly a few stationers). Of course one options is to honor tradition by choosing the card/envelope combo. However, many brides are opting for a RSVP post card to both save on expense of postage and materials (sans envelope) and to honor their more modern roots. Finally, digital replies are becoming ever more popular, however for such a special occasion, many stationers (including myself) would request a couple to consider honoring the sacredness of snail mail.

5. The Gift of Giving Traditionally speaking, it's never posh to mention where the couple is registered. Instead, guests are to simply, dig out their address books or dust off the phone book and write or call the couple requesting the information. Our modern take suggests the opposite. Who needs additional phone calls? Setting up a wedding website and including the information is becoming the standard. Some couples even opt to include a sentence like "If you feel so led to bring a gift, the couple is registered at..." on a separate small card or include it on an event details card.

There you have it! I encourage you to enjoy the new trends that these modern times bring while still striving to honor the more traditional elements.