Our Growing SZP Family: Welcome Brittney!

I am delighted to introduce you to our newest Team member, Brittney Ostransky! Brittney is a total gem to have on our team - she's super sweet and amazingly helpful. I first met her when she was planning her very own big day with help from the fabulous Claire of We Tie the Knots. We met at a Starbucks, discussed her plans for her wedding stationery and the rest is kismet.

From the very get go, I loved working with her and her stationery suite was one of my favorite from 2015. Brittney will be whipping us into shape and administrating our day to day ins and outs of the office as well as assisting with assembly, social media, and client consultations. Enjoy a bit about Brittney and a sneak peak of her and hubby Will's stunning wedding day (with a full feature to come!).   - Sophie

B: I was born and raised here in this majestic state of Colorado. I have always loved the changing aspen leaves, the glorious snow peaked mountains, 300 days of sunshine, Country music and the miraculous orange sunsets (proof that God truly is a Broncos Fan!) For college, I chose to head west to Santa Barbara California, where I studied Communication and further developed my fascination of people and the value of written language. I did have a little fun while I lived there as well - playing a lot of beach volleyball and going to Disneyland more times than I can count. Following graduating, I worked at a floral design and event planning company where my love for creating beautiful things for wonderful clients was born.

Outside of the Sweet Zion studio, I can be found spending time with my wonderful husband, hiking around some beautiful trails, drinking a Chai Tea Latte, watching football or spending time on my family's ranch. 

Sweet Zion Paperie created all of the stationery and paper products for my own wedding and I had the most wonderful experience.  We (my fiancé at the time and I) were so impressed by the custom and creative work as well as the personal attention and care; I knew I had to be part of this team! It has been so fun being on the other side and helping to create beautiful work for each and every client.





Texture is Better : featuring Jillian + Tommy's fall wedding

Oh fall - such a great time of year. We love the richness it brings - the colors of the leaves, the crispness in the air, excuses to stay inside and bake, watching football - the list goes on. Fall almost has a texture. On that note, this year we have played with texture more than ever before. Today we are showcasing Jillian + Tommy's invitations [FINALLY]! I have wanted to share these for some time and since their September 19 nuptials have made this lovely couple official, feast your eyes!

We used a lovely matte finish Navy pocket. Honestly, there's nothing like a matte navy. It's so luxe - you don't need any added sparkle. Add some navy velvet ribbon, walnut wood veneer, and cotton paper stock and you've got it made. Jillian + Tommy wanted a hint of rustic with their otherwise elegant, formal, and victorian style.  The combination of floral liners and backers and the gold foil stamping set off the wood veneer accents perfectly, leaving guests with the wow factor that the couple was hoping for.

You all know about my love for a good monogram and luckily Jillian + Tommy felt the same way. We designed this beautiful crest for them and the couple included this foil stamped crest throughout the remainder of their printed pieces. This couple gets an A in my book for consistency (which is key to developing a cohesive look/feel for your big day).

Extra love to Ashley and Nicole from Ashley Nicole Events for their outstanding eye in planning and for bringing us such a lovely client.

Best wishes to Jillian + Tommy and a lifetime of only happiness!

IMG_9461 IMG_9462 IMG_9463 IMG_9464 IMG_9465 IMG_9466 IMG_9467

Sweet Summertime

What a busy summer it has been for us! Between the custom wedding invitations and special birthday stationery, we've been featured in Style Me Pretty and 100 Layer Cake and even toured Porridge Paper Letterpress and Papermill in Lincoln, Nebraska. Through all the design craziness, it's been a great few months. Take a look at what we've been up to and stay tuned... the fall should be just as wonderful! :) IMG_3642 IMG_6012

Event hosted by Wedding Paper Divas and StudioWed Denver.

Planning by Save the Date Events.


Loved working with Ashley Nicole Events for this super cute baby shower. Wooden block invites screen printed in mint and packed in shred and Kraft box with a wrap around label to match. Check out the 100 Layer Cake Feature: http://www.100layercakelet.com/2015/07/20/denver-garden-baby-shower-by-ashley-nicole-events/


We love the look and feel of this save the date for one of our 2015 couples. Gold foil with Navy velvet backer and a rich Cabernet liner. What a first impression!


Belly bands have been all the rage for us this year! Great way to keep individual pieces together inside an envelope instead of a pocket. This sleek white letterpress invite features one in the ever popular "sea salt" grey.


We told you it's been a busy summer... all hands on deck!


Rustic details are perfect for this Spruce Mountain Ranch wedding. Always a pleasure working with Brynn at Save the Date Events.


Bindery day. Working on some drilling at present on our drill press, Sergeant


Beautiful signage. Check out the Style Me Pretty Feature: http://www.stylemepretty.com/colorado-weddings/denver/2015/08/11/romantic-industrial-denver-wedding/


Hangover bags!


Tags for the #welcomebag swag!


Chop chop. Snip snip. Putting on the finishing touches on some lumberjack themed birthday invites for a special client. First birthdays are to be celebrated (by adults in flannels with beards and brew)


At Porridge Papers in Lincoln, NE. I love the work that Christopher is doing there in making handmade letterpress stock out of recycled content. It's just plain good craft.


Assembly time! Stuffing Tricia and Brian's invites for their BEST DAY EVER wedding. Loved working with Milk Glass Productions on this super custom, music enthused event.


Enjoyed the perks of having a sweet aunt with backstage access and loved seeing my girl Laura Cook because there really is  #noplacelikehome

There's been lots of laughs, lots of fun and lots of work accomplished this summer and we've loved every minute of it!

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Envelope Liners, Monograms, RSVP's and Letterpress... OH MY!

A couple weeks ago, we posted this to our social media sites (make sure you are following us!) and you all loved the combination of the liners, the monogram, the design of the RSVP and the look of the letterpress. After all of the likes and questions, we figured we would go into some greater detail about all of the different aspects!

Envelope Liners:

Why? Are they really worth it? YES. Liners add a simple, but impactful detail to wedding invitations. It creates a statement that is all your own and really pushes your stationery to the next level.


They are tony and classy and can be the perfect special touch on your wedding invitations. Monograms are classy and timeless... We vote yes!


Check out our blog here about RSVP cards!


It's beautiful! It will make your invitations stand out and when paying for letterpress, you are buying something that is worth your money!

Check out the photos of all of the aspects of the design:

IMG_3850 IMG_3852 IMG_3853 IMG_3854 IMG_3859

Real Weddings: Amy + Mark

Picture this: I first meet the lovely Amy for coffee and a design consultation at one of Denver's cutest little cafe's. We each order a latte. She tells me she is a paper lover, dog lover, monogram/logo lover, and insists on buying mycoffee. What's not to love?! Did I mention she is a smart + savvy business owner herself?
Seriously though, I adore Amy and I know that Mark must be a pretty swell guy to be the MR. to her MRS. Amy + Mark's invitation suite is...well, Sweet. Featuring clean lines, blush and navy, a touch of rustic, and the cutest pup on the planet, their gold retriever Dublin. We loved working with these two on their gorgeous Grand Lake wedding. To Amy + Mark - Thank you for the pleasure of working with you! Enjoy!

1050 Amy & Mark Amy & Mark 2 Amy & Mark - 8.23.14 0906 0897 0859 0857 0849 0830 0820 0760 0758 0756 0689 0669 0659 0656 0523


Planning: Rachel Austin Events

Photography: David Lynn Photography

Venue: Grand Lake Yacht Club

Real Weddings: Ashley and Kyle

For those who think wedding professionals have it easy, think again! Sometimes crafting a fabulous, never seen before, never to be seen again, custom event is arduous. However, I believe the pictures from Kyle & Ashley’s big day at Dunafon Castle last July speak for themselves. The hard work by all the talented event professionals was well worth it when you take a look at the happiness in these photos. Not to mention, getting married in a legit castle is kind of epic. For the invitation and stationery, Sophie broke out her background in art and created a sketch of the castle used from a Mark Hayes original photograph. This artwork was used throughout the invitation and remainder of printed materials for the day. The bride and groom even printed it on muslin welcome bags for their guests to enjoy. We also created a custom wax seal for the soon to be Mr. and Mrs.

Enjoy the results of a labor of love, crafted for love, with love, and in the name of love.

CainEwing0036 CainEwing0050 CainEwing0224 CainEwing0268 CainEwing0286 CainEwing1020 CainEwing1026 CainEwing1034 CainEwing1035 CainEwing1041 CainEwing1043 CainEwing1044-2 CainEwing1044 CainEwing1059 CainEwing1066 CainEwing1070 CainEwing1071 CainEwing1099 CainEwing1103 CainEwing1185 CainEwing1213 CainEwing1217 CainEwing1248 CainEwing1367 CainEwing1550 CainEwing1572 CainEwing1579 CainEwing1673 CainEwing1759 CainEwing1792 CainEwing2105 DSC_0440 DSC_0442 DSC_0449 DSC_0459 DSC_0462

Vendors: Dunafon Castle, Idledale, Colorado : http://www.dunafoncastle.com/ Jamee Photography : http://www.jameephotography.com/ Planning: Save the Date Events/ Sapphire Celebrations (http://www.savethedateevents.com/ & http://www.sapphirecelebrations.com/) Event Décor/Design: Design Works : http://designworksevents.com/ Sketch Inspiration: Mark Hayes Photography: http://markhayesphotography.com/ Favor Bags: Ribbons & Bows, Nancy Parker

Be Our Guest: Eli

We've decided to showcase one of our brides every month in a special "Be Our Guest" blog edition. Our first guest, Eli, has a wonderful love story. Enjoy!
SZP: Tell us your love story (how you met, got engaged, and why you chose the wedding date and venue you did).

Eli: Parker and I actually went to the same high school.  I was a year older and we knew of each other but never hung out during high school.  I went to college in Texas and we honestly never spoke after high school.  A crazy turn of events lead me back home to Colorado and late one night in bed Parker's name came to mind.  No idea why or how because we hadn't spoken in probably 7 years and we weren't even friends in high school.  Anyway, when I moved back to Colorado I decided to send him a Facebook message, seriously out of no where, and the entire thing was a lie!  I said that I thought I ran into him at Costco and how embarrassing it was that it wasn't actually him.  I even went as far as to reintroduce myself in the message because I wasn't even sure if he'd remember me!  We laugh about the FB message now because in all honesty I was just looking to reconnect with friends as I was reestablishing myself in Denver, heaven forbid I just be honest!  Anyway, we hung out as friends for a while and then he FINALLY asked me out on a date... and the rest is all history!
Proposal... well I won't lie, it was pretty incredible! Before we started dating seriously Parker and I were bowling with friends and we bet on the final game.  If I won, he owed me a helicopter ride and if he won... I don't even remember what he would win.  I obviously won but to be totally honest I just never thought of it again and also thought it was incredibly unlikely that he'd ever pay up.  Well, on December 22nd my company was closing down for a few days for Christmas my boss came over around noon and told me to go on home and enjoy the holiday (she was totally in on it).  So excitedly I started packing up! Minutes later Parker called and said a friend of his dads who has helicopter called and invited his dad on an afternoon ride.  Since his dad is a doctor and had patients to see, Parker said he scored us the ride.  I totally ate it up and seriously never thought he was proposing.  I was SO excited.  I had never been on a helicopter and have this funny love for aircrafts and helicopters so I was on cloud 9.  He flew us over the city and ended up landing us on this bluff overlooking the city.  Parker and I got out and walked to the end just to enjoy.  Again, I seriously never thought he was proposing!  We got to the edge it was snowy and gorgeous and Parker got down on one knee! The best part was the pilot is a family friend and got pictures of the whole thing.
Venue.  Well to say that Parker and I wanted a party is a tad of an understatement.  With a bridal party that was 24 people, we each had 12 attendants, we needed a space that could fit everyone.  I wanted to be married outside and wanted the ceremony and reception to be in the same location.  That's a lot to ask for an invite list at about 350.  But The Denver Art Museum had everything we wanted! It was absolutely perfect.  We loved the space for the ceremony, it made it feel small and intimate and then the reception was a giant room for a dance party!
SZP: What was one of your favorite memories from your wedding day?
Eli: One of my favorite memories was the moment that my dad and I started walking down the isle and I turned to him and said "I'm getting married!" there's actually a picture of it and then when I looked up and saw Parker with the biggest smile on his face!  It was such a sweet moment!
SZP: What about your wedding celebration would you do differently?
Eli: To be honest, and I've seriously thought about it, the only thing I would change is when I was walking down the aisle the musician was supposed to play the song acoustically  and not sing but he ended up singing while I was walking down the isle.  And to be honest I am really the only person that knew he wasn't supposed to sing.  So really not a big deal.  Everything else was just how I imagined it!
SZP: What was your favorite part of your wedding preparations? Conversely, the part you disliked the most?
Eli: I loved virtually every part.  We hired an incredible day of wedding coordinate, CC Dick with Colorado Wedding Company, and she typically is a full service wedding planner but my mom and I so enjoyed meeting with vendors and casting a vision together.  It was so fun.
My least favorite part... picking out the wording on the invitations! It took us forever and seemed so tedious but yet such a big deal!
SZP: What was your favorite part about working with Sweet Zion Paperie?
Eli: How simple and easy it was! Our programs were exactly what I envisioned! People typically don't say much about programs but we got rave reviews! I kept a number of copies and have given them to people who asked to do something similar and use SZP.
SZP:  How has your relationship with your now husband/wife changed from when you were dating?
Eli: We just do everything together and have so much fun doing it!  We didn't live together before we got married, you could call us traditionalists, so living together wasn't nearly the adjustment everyone prepared us for.  We have enjoyed spending our free time together and not having to plan to go over to one of our houses etc.
SZP: It's the little things. Now that you're married, what is one little thing that you love about your spouse that you didn't notice before?
Eli: Oh gosh such a loaded question.  One of the things I loved about Parker before we got married was how much he made me laugh.  But being married it's ten fold.  I am constantly laughing and he also challenges me to not take myself too seriously.  We are so playful, it's the best!
SZP: How did you celebrate your 1 year anniversary?
Eli: We went to Europe!!  It was so fun, we went to Prague for about a week and then to Munich for Oktoberfest!
SZP: What is next for you? (babies, moves, jobs, etc.)
Eli: Well, we actually just had a precious baby girl 2 months ago! Logan, she's the best.  Right before we had her, we bought and house and pretty much flipped the entire thing.  So for now, we are staying put and enjoying Logan and our house!
SZP: Speaking from experience - Do you have any advice to future brides & grooms for planning their wedding?
Eli: Don't forget that this day is about you and your spouse.  It's so easy to get caught up in the details and the extravagance of the wedding but your marriage lasts forever.  Spend time and energy thinking about what you want your ceremony to look like and be intentional with the ceremony.  So often it becomes just another detail, and in some ways even I was this way, but keep in perspective while yes the party is fun but that lasts one night, your marriage lasts for a lifetime!