TOP SECRET: Ulibarri Christmas File

For those of you who know us, our annual Ulibarri Christmas card is quite the tradition. Each year, my wordsmith of a husband crafts our year in review into a beautiful poem. How he manages each year to weave in snark, silliness, and sentiment into stanza'd prose is beyond me, but I guess that's why we make a good team. Probably attributed to the fact that Tim and I binge-watched basically any crime show on Netflix we could find, I was inspired to take a more non-traditional approach to our yuletide greeting. I developed (or should I say discovered after some good ol' detective work) Santa's "North Pole Secret Service". Did you know that there's even a head disciplinary elf, Miles, who keeps meticulous record of our "Naughty" and "Nice" status?

Without further adieu, our Ulibarri Christmas card for your review. -Sophie


Enclosed is TOP SECRET, the North Pole "Ulibarri" Files Prepped for Mrs. Claus, Myself, + the disciplinary elf, Miles. IF YOU'RE NOT ONE OF THEM, PLEASE CEASE TO READ, As this is of utmost secrecy concerning the Ulibarri three.

Tim’s been a good boy, “Nice” list 29 years running. His fingers dance on the 10-key; for an accountant, quite stunning. A trip to Lebanon boosted his status a bit, Working with refugee kids was the highlight of the trip.

Sophie’s Naughty/Nice status is still up in the air. Countless trips to Starbucks + TJ Maxx has created quite the scare.  We’ll cut her some slack - she’s worked hard months one through twelve. Her business saw great hires of two brand new elves.  All things considered, we’ll move her out of “Unsure”. “Nice” status it is, as long as Miles concurs. 

There’s no question about Venti.  Status: undoubtedly “Naughty”. Work Ethic: Non-Existant Obedience: At best, Spotty Recorded activites include: Sleep, Eat, Bark Cute factor is key, so we’ll disregard the farts.

OTHER KEY MENTIONABLES: Sophie summitted her first Colorado Fourteener. Reffing football for Tim, couldn’t have been any cleaner.  A little late-year retreat put the two on vacay, Destination: Cancun delayed winter’s waylay. 

The only thing missing from this file is a Bronco’s shout-out. High on Tim’s wish list is another Superbowl bout.  Not a problem - winning’s what the Orange and Blue do. (not to mention, they’re Mrs. Claus’ favorite team too).

Tim + Sophie love their Santa because I’m part of the season, but it’s important to know that I’m hardly the reason.  Gift giving and merry making are all wonderful things,  but the birth of baby Jesus is what makes carolers sing.

He’s the light of the world, hope given to all, A wonderous gift to behold in a baby so small. As you gather around the tree with family and friends, Sing out “Glory to God in the highest, Goodwill to all men”.